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Default Template

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One of the keys to a successful website is an attractive appearance. First impressions count, and new visitors' opinions on your website will be largely influenced by its graphic layout, before they even start to look through the contents. A well thought-out and professional-looking design gives the impression of a good quality site that is worth looking at.

In WebSite X5, the template that defines the graphic appearance of the website is an integral part of the project. This means that, when you start a new project, a default template is already associated with it. Obviously, you are free to change the proposed layout of your website by replacing the automatically assigned template with a Default Template, a template chosen from the Custom Library or with a completely new one starting from a Empty Template.

It is in this Template selection window that you can change the look of your website, choosing from:

Default Template: this option takes you to a library of over 500 ready-to-use graphic templates. Just select the one that is right for your website and apply it to the project. All the default templates are optimized to support the creation of responsive websites.

Custom Library: this option shows you the library of the templates that have already been created and saved. Again, select the one you like best to apply it to your project.

Empty Template: choose this option to cancel all the current settings of the project's template and start again from scratch to create a new one.

Once you have made your choice, click on the Next button  to open the Template Customization window: now you can start changing the default template or custom template you have selected, adapting it to both desktop PCs and mobile devices, or begin creating a brand new template.

You can change your project's template at any time, simply by selecting a different template from the default/custom library or starting a new one from scratch. The changes you made to the original template will not be saved. If you want to save the settings of the original template, save it first in the Custom Library before applying a new template to your project.

If you are creating a responsive website, the settings for how the template behaves are saved in the template file and not in the project file: if the graphic template is modified, there may be discrepancies between the settings for the current template and those of the selected one. In this case, a window is opened where you can choose whether to:

keep the breakpoints of the current template or replace them with those of the selected template,
keep the objects of the current template, replace them with or add them to those of the selected template.


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