Where to find new WebSite X5 templates

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Where to find new WebSite X5 templates

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The starting point for looking for new templates to use in WebSite X5 is WebSite X5 Templates, the section of the official website of Marketplace that can be reached at http://market.websitex5.com/.

New graphic templates are constantly being added to WebSite X5 Templates, written either by Incomedia or by affiliated authors, available free of charge or on purchase and all of them ready to use for your new projects.

To keep you up-to-date on all the templates that are currently available, the list of default templates proposed by WebSite X5 is automatically updated as new templates are published in WebSite X5 Templates. Look through the previews to see the new templates, those that still have to be installed and those that have to be purchased: the icon next to each template indicates the type. All your work takes place within the program and you can be sure of having all the templates always available.

As well as the graphic templates, in WebSite X5 Templates you can also find the Project Templates. Project templates are mini projects with a graphic template and pages with objects added to them. When you buy a Project template, you will receive a project file (.IWZIP) which is your starting point for a new website: style properties are already set and the main pages already laid out, making it even easier and quicker to complete a professional-quality website.

If you would like to take an active part in WebSite X5 Templates, you can propose templates that you have created. If you love web-designing, you could become one of our affiliated authors, publish your templates and make money from your work. Find out more on http://market.websitex5.com/.