Commands in the General section

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Commands in the General section

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Use the commands in this section to import the files you need to create the Animation Object.

First of all, you need to specify the Animation Type you want to import. You can choose between:

WebAnimator Animation: these are animations created with the WebAnimator software (see for more information). These animations are created in HTML5 and work correctly on all the latest browsers and on all kinds of device: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Flash Animation: these are classic Flash animations, saved in .SWF format. It is well-known that this kind of animation is not supported on mobile devices.

If you choose to use a WebAnimator Animation, just select the Local File on PC option: click on the button to browse through the available resources to find the .WAX5 file you want to import.

The .WAX5 format has been introduced to simplify integrating WebAnimator animations in WebSite X5. You need to create your animation with WebAnimator, export it in .WAX5 format and use this file to import it into WebSite X5.

For Flash Animation, on the other hand, the Flash animation file can be imported from your computer or the Internet. If it is on your computer, select the Local File on PC option, click on the button to look for the file (in .SWF format). In the second case, select the Internet file option and enter the address where the file(s) you want are located on the Internet.

Select the Preview option to have a look at a preview of the imported Flash animation in the preview window.

You will need to install the Adobe® Flash® player to be able to see the preview. It is available at (choose the "Other browsers" option).

You can define the following Properties for the animation that you have inserted:

Alternative Text: this is the text that will be shown if, for some reason, the animation cannot be displayed.
Size: this setting gives the width and height in pixels of the Flash animation. The maximum width possible is indicated in brackets, and depends on how the page layout table has been set up. Leave the Keep Ratio selected to keep the ratio between width and height.
Player version: this indicates which version of the Flash player is required to play the inserted animation. If the visitor does not have the correct version, a message is displayed automatically, asking him to update it.
Transparent Background: if this option is selected, the inserted animation's background is transparent.