Commands in the General section

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Commands in the General section

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Use the commands in this section to import graphic files and edit images.

WebSite X5 handles all the main graphic formats (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, .BMP, .TIF, .DIB, .PCX, .RLE, .TGA, .WMF): select the image you want to import from those on your computer, or directly from the Internet. You can use these buttons to indicate which Local File on PC you want to import:

This opens the Image from Online Library... window where you can choose from an online library of over 700,00 royalty-free pictures.

This opens the File Selection window so you can select a file from those stored on your computer.

A preview of the imported picture is shown in the Preview box. Click on the Edit... button under the preview to open the built-in Image Editor where you can edit the image.

Images can have a number of Properties:

Title: this is the title of the image; it will be added to the title attribute of the <img> tag in the page HTML code.
Alternative Text: this is the text that is shown when the image cannot be displayed for some reason. In the page's HTML code the alternative text will be added to the alt attribute of the <img> tag.

The Title and Alternative Text parameters must be considered carefully, because they are important for website accessibility and optimization.

Link: you can add a link to the picture. Click on the button to open the Link window, where you can define the link and options.


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