Commands in the Options section

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Commands in the Options section

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You can use the commands in this section to define some settings for graphics, currency and VAT in the e-commerce shopping cart.

The following options are available for the Currency Settings:

Currency: you can specify the currencies that will be accepted in the shopping cart. A drop-down menu shows a list of currencies: click on the button to open the Currency List window and edit the list.
Price Format: you can define how the products' prices are to be written. Click on to open the Price Format window, which gives the following options:
Decimal places: this defines the number of decimal places to be shown (from 0 to 3).
Digit grouping: this indicates the separators for thousands and decimal places.
Decimal separator: this defines whether the decimal separator is a full stop (for example, £1.00) or a comma (for example, £1,00).
Show Currency on the right: if you select this option, the currency symbol is shown to the right of the price (for example 100£ instead of £100).
Leave a space between currency and price: if you select this option, a space is included between the currency symbol and the amount (for example 100 £ instead of 100£).
Show zero as: this option defines whether the zero is to be indicated as a number (0) or by the - symbol.

The following options are available for the VAT settings:

Type: specifies whether the prices shown in the shopping cart include VAT, do not include VAT, or whether VAT is not applicable.
Default value (%): specifies the VAT value to be added by default to all the products in the shopping cart, with the exception of those products for which a different VAT value has been set with the VAT (%) option in the Product Settings | General window.

The following commands are available in the Options section:

Purchasing Process Style: you can add a status bar to the top of the pages in the shopping cart that shows the customer which stage of the purchasing process he is at. You can choose the style of the status bar from the drop-down menu.
Allow minimum order value: if you select this option, orders for less than a specified minimum amount will not be accepted.
Minimum total amount: this option is available if Allow minimum order value is selected. You can define the minimum total value that the order must reach to be accepted.
Enable Coupon Code for the Order: you can offer discount coupons for customers to use on orders from the shopping cart.
Coupon Code: enter the coupon code, which the customer must give in the order form to obtain a discount on his order.
Discount (%): set the value of the discount as a percentage of the total order value.

How the discount coupons work  in the Professional edition:

When you create the shopping cart, you can define coupons for a discount on one or more specific products, or a discount on the total order. Coupons are not cumulative: only one coupon can be used per order. If the customer has more than one coupon, he will have to decide which is the most convenient to use.
If the order includes products with a fixed discount/specific percentage discount and/or bulk discounts, the discount available through the coupon is applied to the total value of the order already discounted.
Update available quantity on order dispatch: if you enable this option, the number of available products is updated according to the orders that have actually been processed via the online control panel or the WebSite X5 Manager app. Otherwise, this number is updated according to all the received orders, regardless of whether they have been processed or not.

Use the options in the Availability section of the Product Settings window to set up product availability.

You can use the Options to set the style of the tables showing the available products and/or added to the shopping cart:

Header Background / Header Text / Cell Background / Cell Text / Table Border: you can specify the color of the various elements in the product table.
Rounded Corners: you can specify the bevel for the corners of the product table, either for all four or singularly.
Alternate row color: you can apply two background colors to alternate between even and odd rows. One of the colors is that specified in the Cell Background option and the other is applied automatically as a shade darker. Using alternating colors may make tables easier to read, especially long tables.

You can use the commands in the Images section to add the images for the shopping cart pages:

Add to Cart/ Remove from Cart: you can specify which images you want to use for the "Add to cart" and "Remove from cart" buttons.
Preview not Available: you can specify the image to be used when a particular product does not have a photograph associated with it (in Product Settings | Image).
Product Availability: you can specify the set of icons to use to indicate availability in the product descriptions (given in Product Settings | Availability).


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