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The graphic template that was chosen in the Template selection window, when the project was opened, can be changed in this window. Select the one you want to use from the default/custom template library or start from an empty template to create a new one.

The commands in this window make it quick and easy to choose a different template. They are:

List of Categories

This option shows a list of the various categories in which the templates are organized, so you can choose which ones to display. The first items in the list refer to the Highlighted, For sale, Licenced and To be updated templates. The theme categories follow.

Show Small Previews - Show Medium Previews - Show Large Previews

These options define the way in which template previews are displayed.


The template list is updated automatically when the Program starts: you can use this command to force the update, using the Internet.

When you select a template from the list, a preview of it is shown. If the selected template is for sale, the description includes its price and the Buy now button. You will need to have enough credits and be connected to the Internet to complete the purchase.

If you select a template from the list that is free of charge, or that you have already purchased but not installed, it will be downloaded automatically and applied to the current project.

You need to be connected to the Internet to:

Display previews of all the available templates. If Internet is not active, only the templates installed with the Program will be visible in the preview window.
Install a new, free-of-charge, template.
Buy and install a new template.

If you change your project's template with a new one, the changes you made to the original template will not be saved. If you want to save the settings of the original template, you must first save the current template in the Custom Library before applying a new template to your project.

If you are creating a responsive website, the settings for how the template behaves are saved in the template file and not in the project file: if the graphic template is changed, there may be discrepancies between the settings for the current template and those of the new one. In this case, a window is opened where you can choose whether to:

keep the breakpoints of the current template or replace them with those of the selected template,
keep the objects of the current template, replace them with or add them to those of the selected template.


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