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The Preferences window

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This window opens when you click on the Preferences button in the Welcome page, and here you can give some general settings for how the Program is to work.

The options are:

Projects folder: this is the folder in which your project file (Project.IWPRJ) is saved, whether you are creating a new project or importing an existing one  (see Project Selection | Import...). Because the folder is already indicated, when you click on the Save button when you are working on your website, the project will be saved in this folder without you being asked to indicate where it should be saved.
Check for updates at program startup: this option means that new software updates will be looked for each time the Program is started. The Program starts an Internet connection to the Incomedia server to search for any updates.

We advise you to leave this option selected, so that you can be sure you are always working with the latest available version of WebSite X5.

The options for File Creation are:

Automatically add the 'Generator' Metatag: adds the <generator> meta tag to the HTML code of all the pages in the website, which guarantees that the pages have been created with WebSite X5.
Update the Pages while editing the Project: synchronizes the pages you create in your website while you are working on your project. So, each time you confirm an addition or change (by clicking on an OK or Next button), the Program recreates all the parts in other pages in the project that are affected by the new part. This feature keeps the website preview updated and if you click on the Preview to check your progress, you'll see all the additions/changes immediately.
Update Preview while editing the Project: this option is only available if you have selected Update the Pages while editing the Project. It makes sure that the website preview is constantly updated with all the developments in your project. This basically means that every time you add something new or make a change to something, and click on an OK or Next button), the Program automatically updates the website preview which you can view locally on your PC using the built-in browser.


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