Commands in the Sitemap section

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Commands in the Sitemap section

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Use the commands in this section to give further information which may be useful for completing the website's SiteMap.

First of all, select the Add video to the Sitemap option: the information on the video is added to the SiteMap, that is created automatically by WebSite X5 (see Automatically create a SiteMap in Statistics, SEO and Code |  SEO). Then you must set the following parameters:

Title: (mandatory parameter) this specifies the title to give to the video. Google™ accepts 100 characters for the title's length
Caption: (mandatory parameter) this specifies a brief description of the the video. Google™ accepts 2048 characters for the description: longer ones will be cut.
Category: (optional parameter) this specifies a category for the video, according to its content. Google™ stipulates that a video may belong to only one category, and the category name must not exceed 256 characters.
WebSite Keywords: (optional parameter) this specifies a list of tags, or brief descriptions of the main aspects of the video. Google™ allows a maximum of 32 tags for each video.
Preview Image: (mandatory parameter) this specifies a preview picture to associate with the video. Google™ advises you to give these thumbnails a minimum size of 120x90 pixel and to save them in .JPG, .PNG or .GIF format.
Publication Date: (optional parameter) this specifies the video's publication date.
Time (secs): (optional parameter) this specifies the duration of the video, in seconds. Google™ recommends that you give this information, and specifies that the duration must be between 0 and 28800 seconds (8 hours).
Contents suitable for everybody: (optional parameter) this parameter is used to specify whether the video's contents are suitable for children. Google™ warns that, if a video is not indicated as suitable for children, it will only be viewable by users who have the Google Safesearch™ filter switched off. The Google™ Safesearch feature filters websites with explicit sexual or pornographic content and removes them from search results.


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