Options in the Statistics section

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Options in the Statistics section

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The commands in this section allow you to insert the codes needed to activate an analytics service for your site.

If you want to know how many people visit your website and how they view it, tick the Enable website hit statistics option, choose the statistics system you want to use and then set some parameters:

Statistics engine: this specifies the statistics engine to use: Google Universal Analytics or WebSite X5 Statistics.

If you choose Google Universal Analytics you must specify:

Tracking ID for Google Universal Analytics: This field is for entering the web tracking code, which you need to start Google's Universal Analytics.

For more information on Google Analytics™ and to open an account, click on the button to access the official site: http://www.google.it/analytics/.

IP Anonymization: Use this command to activate IP address anonymization in the JavaScript tracking code of  Google Analytics.

By default, Google Analytics™ uses the complete IP address of website visitors to give general geographic information in its reports. Upon user request, Google  Analytics™ will mask the IP address by replacing the last part of it with zeroes before memorizing it. This slightly reduces the precision of the geographical reports.

For further information on the IP address anonymization feature in Google Analytics™, refer to the official guide at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2763052

If you choose WebSite X5 Statistics you must specify:

Database: select the database from the list of those linked to the project.
Table Name: enter the name of the table in the database where you want submitted data to be added. If the table doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.

If you choose to use WebSite X5 Statistics, you can view the website statistics in the relevant section of the online Control Panel and, if you are using the Pro edition, from the WebSite X5 Manager app.


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