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Custom Library

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With WebSite X5, you can obtain excellent high-quality layouts whether you customize a default template or start from an empty one. It's very simple to save templates of these types in a library of custom templates, so that they can be used again in other projects.

The ways of displaying the Custom Template Library, and the commands available for working on it, are the same as those for default templates:

Show Small Previews - Show Medium Previews - Show Large Previews

These options define the way in which template previews are displayed.

The following commands are available for working on the templates:

Add:  this command saves the template you are using with the current project, with all its settings, in the Custom Template Library.
Rename: use this command if you want to rename a template. You can also rename a custom template by clicking twice on its name.
Remove: this command deletes the selected template.
Import...: this command imports a new template (a .IWTPL file) that has been created with WebSite X5 and exported.
Export...: this command exports the selected template (a .IWTPL file) to the specified folder. It can then be shared and used on other computers.

You cannot apply a custom template to your project just by selecting one from the library that is displayed in this window and then clicking on the OK button. You must open the Change Template window,  use the Custom filter, select the custom template you want to apply and then confirm.


Best practices:


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