How to broadcast website contents with an App

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How to broadcast website contents with an App

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A mobile App is a software application that has been designed to work on smartphones, tablets and any other kind of mobile device. The Pro edition of  WebSite X5 gives you the possibility of broadcasting the contents of your Blog and/or RSS Feeds using FeedReady, a mobile App that has been designed for iOS and Androids and can be downloaded, free of charge, from the App Store and Google Play.

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FeedReady is basically a feed displayer and player so it has to be linked to a particular source for news. Before the App can be used, you need to have set up a Blog and/or an RSS Feed for your website. Once you have done this, you have to:

in Step 1 - Website Settings | Advanced, click on FeedReady and select Enable display of the contents in the FeedReady App.
specify the contents that are to be displayed in the App, enabling the Show the Blog contents option to broadcast the blog posts, and/or the Show the RSS Feed contents option to broadcast the news of the RSS Feed.
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To create a visual link between the website and the App, and remind visitors who is providing the service, you can customize the header of the FeedReady screen where the list of blog posts and RSS Feed news articles are displayed:

In the Settings section, select the graphic file to use as the App header picture.

You should use a picture that is in line with the website's graphic style, and  contains distinctive elements, such as a company logo, for example. To ensure that the picture is displayed correctly, whatever the device, save it as 640x360 pixels. Any transparencies set for pictures saved as .PNG will be maintained.

It is also possible to:

select the Suggest installing or opening the App option so that, when the user navigates the website with a mobile device, a message suggests that he installs or opens the FeedReady App.
select the Enable Push Notification option so that a message is sent to users using the App when new posts/news articles are published on the Blog/RSS Feed.
Click to expand/collapseHow to invite website visitors to download the FeedReady App

Once you have set up the contents of your Blog and/or RSS Feed to be displayed by the FeedReady App, you need to let website visitors know that they can download it for free, install it on their smartphone or tablet and use it to keep up-to-date with all the latest news that is published.

A good way to do this is add a specific invitation to do so directly in the Home Page or in the website's header or footer, making sure that the message is clearly visible:

Open the Template Content window to add the message to the header or footer, or the Page Creation window if you want to add the message to the Home Page.
Insert a Text object to write the message inviting visitors to download the FeedReady App. Alternatively, add an Image object and import the graphics for a suitable button.
Create a link for the text or image by opening the Link window and selecting the FeedReady option. Visitors using mobile devices to navigate the website will automatically be shown either the App Store or Google Play, depending on the kind of device they are using.


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