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Export to disk

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In this window you can export a copy of your published website to your computer.

This option is useful for keeping a local copy of the files that are published on the server, so that you can copy them to another support (CD/DVD/USB) or to make changes to the HTML pages before confirming publication in the Internet.

To export the project files, you must specify:

Destination folder: enter the name of the folder in which to copy the website. If the folder does not exist, it will be created automatically.

The Export to disk option is not intended to be used for making a backup copy of your project, because it exports the files used for online publication to your computer, and not the project file that can be edited.

If you want to have a backup copy of the project, so that you can restore previous versions, you have to use the Backup commands in the Save menu.

If you want a backup copy to be used in case you lose the original project, use the Export the Project feature: this will make you a copy of the original project files.


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