Command in the Side Blocks section

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Command in the Side Blocks section

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The options in this section allow you to define the sidebar that is displayed on the righthand side of the blog pages, and is used by visitors to search for and navigate the posts.

First of all, you have to indicate in which pages this sidebar will appear: use the items in the View option to indicate whether the sidebar appears only on the blog's home page, only in the post pages or in all the pages in the blog.

The next section gives a summary of the Title, Type and Width of the blocks in the sidebar, and the commands for creating the block list:

Add...: this opens the Side Block where you can add a new block.
Duplicate: you can copy the selected block.
Remove: you can delete a block from the list.
Move up / Move down: you can move the selected block up or down in the list.
Edit...: this opens the Side Block window, where you can edit the block selected from the list.

The sidebar always remains in the foreground when the pages are scrolled, so that it is easy to look through the posts.


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