The Image from Online Library... Window

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The Image from Online Library... Window

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This window opens when you click on the button or select the Image from Online Library... command that is available wherever you can import an image that is a Local File on PC. Use the commands in the window to consult an online library of over 900.000 royalty-free pictures without leaving the WebSite X5 work environment.

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Use the fields in the window to search within the online library. The fields let you specify:

one or more key words,
the category,
the type of picture, choosing from Photo, Clipart or Vectorial.

When you have given this information, click on the Search button: the window contents are updated and the pictures that correspond to the search criteria are shown in a preview.

Select the preview that you like best and click on the OK button: the picture is downloaded to your computer and imported into the project.

All the pictures that are downloaded from the online library are automatically saved in the Documents/Incomedia/OnlineImages folder.

This service is offered in collaboration with Pixabay.

Pixabay is a collection of royalty-free pictures: all the pictures are published under a Creative Commons CC0 licence and can be used freely in digital and printed format, for private and commercial use, without naming the original author.

For further information, see Pixabay's Terms and Conditions of Use.


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