Commands in the Advanced section

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Commands in the Advanced section

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When you have defined the project's general settings, you can then use a number of advanced features to complete and perfect your website. You can add many important features such as an e-commerce shopping cart, a Blog, and a Members' Area.

The advanced features are:


You can create and manage a Blog, which is like an online diary in which you publish your news and visitors can comment on it.

RSS Feed

You can create and manage an RSS feed, which is a useful instrument for maintaining an up-to-date news channel.

Shopping Cart

You can create and manage an e-commerce shopping cart, defining product lists, shipping and payment methods, the layout of your order forms, etc.

Access Management

You can create profiles for the users who will have access to locked pages in the website, and you can organize them in groups. Locked pages, defined in Step 3  - Sitemap Creation, make up Members' Areas which need a login name to open them. According to each user profile, the credentials you specify determine which locked pages in the Members' Area that user has access to.

Data Management

Here you can indicate how data submission is to be handled in the various areas of the website where visitors can submit data: contact forms, the Blog, the Comments and Ratings Object, the online shopping cart.

Entry Page

You can include a Entry page, to introduce visitors to your website. The Entry page may have choices of other languages.

You can use the Entry page to automatically re-direct according to the language and resolution that is detected.

Advertising Message

You can set up and customize an advert to display only on the Home page or on all the website pages, in a specific position.

Privacy and Security

You can publish your policies for protecting your users' privacy and for protecting the website against abuse and spam.

Statistics, SEO and Code

Allows you to insert code into your Pages in order to activate the Site's visitor analytics feature, for example, or for other specific purposes.


Allows you to optimize your Pages so that Search Engines can better index them, and therefore achieve better search result rankings.

Control Panel

Whether you are working with the Evo edition or the Pro edition, WebSite X5  automatically includes an online control panel in every website you create. This window, which only appears in the Pro edition, lets you add a logo and choose the design of the online Control Panel, which the administrator uses to manage various aspects of the published websites.

Control Panel and WebSite X5 Manager

WebSite X5 automatically sets up an Online Control Panel for each Site you create. This window allows you to customize certain graphic aspects of that Control Panel, as well to install the WebSite X5 Manager App. With the App, you can access the features of the Control Panel from your smartphone or tablet. You can use the Control Panel and/or the App to configure notifications so that you're always up to date about what's happening on your Sites: get notifications about new comments or orders, out-of-stock alerts for your store, new user registrations, etc.