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This window shows the tools and options for creating an RSS Feed, one of the most popular formats for broadcasting website contents.

An RSS Feed is a very versatile tool for sharing news, pictures and videos: it can be used for frequent news broadcasts, to publicize events or updates to the website, or to signal new posts and comments on a blog.

If visitors subscribe to the RSS Feed associated with the website, they will be kept up-to-date with all the news and will receive news directly on their news aggregator program.

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To create an RSS feed, you need to specify a few general parameters and create the list of news articles you want to broadcast.

The Post List shows a table that summarizes the existing articles, giving their Title and the Date they were published. The commands for working on the Post list are:

Add...: this opens the Post Setting window where you can add a new post.
Remove: you can delete a post from the Post List.
Edit...: this opens the Post Setting window where you can edit the post selected from the Post List.

As well as creating the Post list, you also have to define the following General Settings:

Title: (mandatory parameter) to give the title of the RSS feed associated with the website.
Image: you can specify an image (using a file in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format) to associate with the RSS feed: this image (typically a company or website logo) will be displayed by the news reader program.
Description: (mandatory parameter) to give a description of the RSS feed associated with the website.

When you test your website, a message appears to remind you that RSS feeds will only be displayed when the website has been published on the Internet.