The Web Font window

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The Web Font window

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WebSite X5 lets you define the text style in all the places where text can be entered (descriptive texts, captions, button labels, etc) You can indicate the font, size, color, attribute (bold, italics, ...), etc.

The font can be chosen from a drop-down menu that includes:

the Default Font command: the font indicated for the Page Text, in the Text Style window, is applied to the tex
the list of safe fonts that are installed in the system
the Other font types command: this takes you to the Web Font window where you can indicate which fonts are to be linked to the project, adding both Google fonts and web fonts to the list of available fonts.

For more information on safe fonts, Google Fonts and web fonts, see Safe fonts and web fonts.


You can use the commands in the Web Font window to work on the list of fonts that can be used in the project. They are:

Add: this opens the Add web fonts window where you can add a new Google font / web font to the list.
Remove: this removes the selected Google font / web font from the list. If you remove a web font that is still being used in the project, and subsequently select the text with that font, an error icon is shown next to its name in the list in the Font Type selection drop-down menu. If you look at a preview of text with this font, the project's default font will be applied to it.
Edit...: this command is only available if you select a web font (Google fonts don't have settings that you can work on). It opens the Add web fonts window so that you can change the settings.

The font types can be easily identified by the icon next to them:

Google Fonts: fonts added from the Add web fonts window of WebSite X5 and linked to Google's server.

Online Web Fonts: fonts added from the Add web fonts window of WebSite X5 and linked to server of service that offers fonts.

Offline Web  Fonts:  fonts added from the Add web fonts window of WebSite X5 and published on the website's Internet server.

All the web fonts that are used in the project are automatically exported with it (in the .IWZIP file).


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