The Objects Management window

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The Objects Management window

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This window opens when you press the button at the top of the Object List in both the Template Content and Page Creation windows, and you can use the commands in it to install and display all the optional objects that already contain the main objects, installed by default.

The main objects are the ones most frequently used for creating pages and the template's header and footer, and include the text object, image object, gallery object, title object, search field object, etc. All the main objects are installed with the program and they cannot be uninstalled or hidden.

Optional objects, on the other hand, have more specific uses and, altogether, help increase the range of features provided by the program. While many optional objects are free of charge, some do have to be purchased. By installing/uninstalling and showing/hiding the optional objects, each user can organize the work environment in order to have the tools available that are necessary for the development of the project in hand.

You can display a preview of the available optional objects inside WebSite X5. In order to search for Objects more quickly, just use the Display filter, which includes the following options:

Highlights: only shows Objects that have been specially selected because they are particularly popular or because they're newly released.  
Used in this Project: only shows the Objects already in use in the current Project.
For sale: shows all the Objects available for purchase on the WebSite X5 Marketplace.
Purchased: only shows the Objects already purchased from the WebSite X5 Marketplace.
To be updated: only shows the Objects for which new updates have been released and are recommended.

Other filters include the option to filter for different Categories: all categories, Animation, Button, Data Visualization, etc.

In addition to these filters, the following commands can be accessed through the this button:

Order by category - Alphabetical order

You can indicate how the objects are to be ordered: according to their category they are in, or in alphabetical order (according to their name).

Display Large icons - Display List

These specify how the list of objects in the selected category is to be displayed.

Update the Library

This updates the list of available optional objects (you must be connected to the Internet for this command to function).

Click on the button to open a submenu with the commands for updating all the objects or just the selected object.



Enter the name of the object you want to search for.

When you select an optional object in the list, a preview and brief description of it appears. If the object is for sale, the description includes its price and the Buy button. You will need to have enough Credits and be connected to the Internet to continue with your purchase.

If you select an optional object that hasn't yet been installed, the Install button is shown under the preview.

If you select an optional object that has already been installed, you will see the Uninstall button.

You must be connected to the Internet to:

Display previews of all the available optional objects. If you are offline, you will only see previews of the objects that have already been installed.
Install a new, free-of-charge optional object.
Purchase and install a new optional object that is for sale.


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