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Control Panel

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This window only appears in the Pro edition of WebSite X5. It gives the instructions and information necessary for the website administrator to access an online Control Panel where it is possible to carry out various operations, such as displaying website hit statistics, managing comments left on the blog or for the Comments and Ratings Object, managing orders received through the e-commerce shopping cart and checking stock availability in the online store.

WebSite X5 automatically includes an online control panel for each website that is created.

All the users who have been added to the Administrators group, in the Access Management window, can access the control panel, using their login name and password.

The URL to link to is given in the URL for Online Control Panel access field: this address cannot be changed and it is always http// where http// is the website's URL.

The Style section contains the options for customizing the graphics of the control panel:

Login page logo: select the graphics file (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG.) of the logo picture to include in both the login window and the control panel's interface.
Theme Color: specifies the graphic theme to apply to the control panel.