The RollOver window

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The RollOver window

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This window opens when you press the button in the Text Object or Table Object editor, and contains the commands and options for setting rollover effects on text.

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First of all you need to select the Enable Rollover, and then you can define the rollover in the Type section:

Movement: You can choose the rollover style. It may be:

None - Show Scrollbar: the text doesn't scroll but, if the specified cell height (see the Height option below) is not sufficient to display all the text, a scroll bar will be added automatically.

Single Slide: the text scrolls in the given direction and stops at the end of the text.

Continuous Scroll: the text scrolls in the given direction and, when the end of the text is reached, it starts scrolling again from the beginning.

Alternated Scroll: the text scrolls in the given direction and, when the end of the text is reached, it starts scrolling in the opposite direction.

Scroll in Sections: the text is (virtually) divided into sections of the size specified in the Height option. Scrolling starts from the first section, followed by a pause, and then the second section is scrolled. This continues until the last section has been scrolled, and then the first section reappears. This effect works best when the text is written and formatted in a uniform manner so that it can be divided into equal sections, giving an appropriate value for the Height option.

Direction: You can specify the direction for the rollover: to the Top, Bottom, Left or Right.

The Options section contains the following options:

Effect: You can choose between Linear, Alternate and Swing for all the rollover styles, except Continuous Scroll.
Height: You can set the height of the cell that contains the text.
Time (secs): You can specify how many seconds the effect lasts for. If you set the rollover style as Single Slide, Continuous Scroll or Alternated Scroll, the length is the time it takes to complete the effect, before starting from the beginning. If you have selected Scroll in Sections, the length is the time it takes to display a section before passing on to the next.
Stop on Mouse Over: Scrolling will stop when the mouse passes over the text.

The Height option is only available if you have set a vertical rollover (to the top or bottom). If you have set a horizontal rollover (to the left or right), the effect is better if the text object occupies an entire row in the page layout table.