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When your website has been successfully published online (see Destination Folder), this window suggests a number of ways to let people know about it, using channels such as WebSite X5's Gallery, Google™, Facebook and Twitter.

The options are:

Your WebSite is online!

You can start the default Internet browser to open your website and check that everything works correctly.

WebSite X5 Gallery

You can access WebSite X5's Help Center Gallery to submit your new website. The Gallery is a collection of websites created with WebSite X5 and submitted by their authors.

Update the SiteMap on Google

You can inform Google™ of the newly-published SiteMap, so that its search engine spider indexes it.

Broadcast publication on Facebook

You can post a message on your wall in Facebook to let people know you have published a website.

Broadcast publication on Twitter

You can write a tweet on your Twitter timeline to tell your followers that you have published a website.