The work environment

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The work environment

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As we have already said, WebSite X5 acts like a wizard, which means that, when you work with it, you're taken through each step like a guided tour: at each part of the procedure, a window opens in which you can enter or add the necessary information to create, update and publish a complete, professional and eye-catching website online.

All the windows that are shown by the Program have the same graphic interface: they all have the same top and side button bars and a central work-area window that changes according to the part of your project you're working on and the kind of information you need to include.

The program window can be resized according to the screen size so to better fit your needs: you just have to place the mouse on the window perimeter and then drag it so to make it bigger or smaller. Depending on the final size, a Suggestions Toolbar will be reported on the right side of the window, so you can easily access the relevant Guides according to the section you are in.

All the articles shown in the Suggestions Toolbar can be found in the Guide section of WebSite X5's Help Center.

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The work environment
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The top button bar includes the commands that you need to have available all the time, regardless of what part of the project you are working on. These commands are mainly for opening the online help and retrieving information on the Program's state, saving the project, making a backup copy of it,  opening a preview of your work in the Program's built-in browser and moving around the Program.

Help: this button is displayed only when the space available in the program window isn't enough to show the Suggestions Toolbar. By clicking it, you will be able to access the details which would be shown in the Suggestions Toolbar itself.

Save [CTRL + S]: saves the current project. The project is automatically saved in Projects folder specified in the Preferences window. You can use the left arrow of the Save button to see these commands:

Save at every Preview: automatically saves the project each time you use the Preview command to display a preview of your website.
Create a Backup Copy when saving the Project the first time: automatically creates a backup copy of your project after the first time you save in the current work session.
Create a Backup Copy every time you upload: automatically creates a backup copy of your project before you publish it on the Internet.

The backup copies that are created by the Create a Backup Copy when saving the Project the first time and Create a Backup Copy every time you upload functions are saved in the Backup subfolder which you specify in the Preferences window and can find in Projects folder.


Create a Backup Copy...: for manually creating a backup copy of your project.

If you want to create a backup copy of your project, instead of using a Save as command, you can use the Duplicate command in the Project Selection window.

Preview: displays a local preview of your website so far, using the Program's built-in browser.


If you leave the Update the Pages while editing the Project option active in the Preferences window, each time you make a change (and click on an OK or Next button to save it) the Program recreates and updates everything that the change refers to. This means that the website preview is kept constantly updated, and will be displayed correctly immediately you choose to see it.

You can also select the Save at every Preview option so that the project will be saved every time you click on the Preview button.

Back: takes you back to the previous window, in case you want to make further changes.

Next: takes you to the next window, to continue creating your website.

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WebSite X5 takes you through the work of creating a website in just 5 steps. The buttons on the left side of the Program window, which are always available, indicate which step you are currently working on and you can use them to move from one step to another (you don't have to follow the order in which they appear).

You also have this button:

Expand/Collapse: this shows or hides the labels of the buttons that appear in the 5 steps of website creation.


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