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Website Optimization

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In this window the website analysis is carried out/updated, to check the level of optimization for the search engines. On the basis of the analysis, a series of errors and/or alerts are displayed: if you make the suggested corrections and/or changes, you can improve your Website and so improve its positioning in the search results (SERP) given by the search engines.

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When the Website has been saved at least once, it will be automatically analyzed the first time you open the Website Optimization window. After that, when you want to update the results, you can start analyzing the Website  by clicking on the Start button. The results of the analysis are shown in the left-hand column of the window:


WebSite Optimization: expresses the Website's level of optimization as a percentage.

WebSite Size: gives the size of the website (the overall size of all the files published online).

Total Pages: gives the number of pages in the project.

Total Products: gives the number of Products available in the e-commerce shopping cart for this project.

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At the end of the Website analysis, two tables are displayed in the middle of the window, and they show:

A list of the Website elements in which possible irregularities have been detected.

The Website elements that are analyzed and may appear in this list are:

oPrivacy and Security
oSticky Bar
oText Style
oPages and Levels
A list of the Errors, Alerts and General Information detected for the element selected in the first table.

Errors could compromise the correct functioning of the website and/or optimization, and it is highly recommended that they are corrected before the website is exported online. Common errors are mistakes in manually-entered HTML code, missing fonts and links to inexistent elements.

Alerts refer to elements that could be further optimized. They mainly refer to titles and their length, descriptions of pages and texts and alternative text for images.

General Information gives suggestions on possible improvements that could be made: the inclusion of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, the size of pages and images, etc.

Each Error, Alert and General Information is accompanied by a Description and the Position (if available).

The toolbar, above these two tables, contains the following commands:

Errors / Alerts / Information

You can activate and deactivate the display of the Errors, Alerts and General Information in the table.


You can save the results of the Website analysis in a report, which can be kept and/or shared.


This option opens a new window where you can correct the selected Error, Alert or General Information. Alternatively, double-click on the description of the entry in the table.

The project must have been saved at least once before you can start the project analysis.

After you have made the suggested changes, you must update the analysis results by clicking on the Start button a second time.


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