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Access Management

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This window contains the commands for creating and managing the profile of users who have access to your website's Members' Area. Pages in the Members' Area are defined as Locked Pages when you are working on Sitemap Creation.

In the Evo edition, users must be created manually, but in the Pro edition it is also possible for website visitors to register themselves to have immediate access to Members' Areas, without having to wait for authorization from the website administrator.

In the Pro edition, the commands in the Access Management window are divided into the following sections:


When you define even just one page as Locked (thus setting up a Members' Area) a special page called "Login Page" is created automatically in the Map and you can select it and use the options in the Page Properties window to define its main characteristics.  

When you test your website offline, a warning message will tell you that the locked pages will be displayed without requesting access. The Members' Area will be fully operational only when the website is published on the server.

In order for the Members' Area to work correctly, the host server must support the PHP language and sessions. You can obtain this information on server diagnostics in the Website Test section of the online Control Panel.

If the Automatic Registration option has been set, a MySQL database must be available.


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