Commands in the Library section

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Commands in the Library section

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In this section, you can choose existing settings, saved as a Style, to apply to the current object, or you can save the settings of the current object as a new Style, to be used for other objects.

The Library lists all the Presets and Custom Styles that have been created so far. These commands are available:

Apply: you can apply the selected Style settings to the current object.
Add: you can save the graphic settings defined in the Style and Text sections for the current object in a new Style and add it to the list of Custom Styles.
Remove: you can delete the selected Style from the Custom Style list. You cannot delete Presets Styles.
Import...: you can import a new style created with WebSite X5 and export it using the appropriate command.
Export...: you can export the selected style to the specified folder. This style can then be shared and imported to other computers.

When a new Style is being created, all the settings for the current object are maintained, but not the contents, which could obviously vary from one object to another. For example, the Text Color or Font Type is saved in the new Style, but not the Content that has been specified for elements such as the Title or the Description Text.