Welcome to Incomedia WebSite X5

Welcome to Incomedia WebSite X5

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The Welcome page is the first window you see when you start WebSite X5. It offers an overview on the account status and includes a number of links to online resources and material that may be of help to you when you are working with the Program. These links are available in a side button bar that looks like this:


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Welcome to WebSite X5


Paricularly, the window reports 3 sections:

A section placed on the top-right part of the screen which is referred to the User Profile. Here, you will find your avatar and the Username linked to your program licence. By selecting these elements, you can access to the Help Center of WebSite X5. In addition to the details referred to the profile, you will also find the number of Credits left to possibly purchase new Templates or Optional Objects.
Some lateral buttons reporting the necessary commands to start working at your projects.
A central section reporting some up-to-date and customizable contents, such as: details about the update status of the installed Program, Blog Articles, Guides, Video Tutorials, new Objects or Templates available on the Marketplace, active offers and promotions.

If an Internet connection is not available, the Welcome page shows a standard page. This page will be shown even when the Check for updates at program startup option in the Preferences window is not selected.

Click to expand/collapseLateral Buttons

These buttons report the commands you need to start wrking at your Project:

Home: which opens the Welcome window.

New Project: which opens the Create a new Project window where you can select the Template yo start creating a new Project.

Open Project: which opens the Edit an existing Project window where you can select a Project among those you have already started working at.

Moreover, underneath these buttons you will also find the following commands:

Preferences: opens the Preferences window, where you can define some general settings on how you want the Program to work and add the Web Fonts that you want to use in your project.

Check for Updates: checks whether there are any updates available online for the version of WebSite X5 you are working with. We strongly advise you to always check for and install new updates, to ensure you get the best out of your software.