The E-commerce: Cart and checkout window

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The E-commerce: Cart and checkout window

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The commands in this window, which you can open by selecting the "E-Commerce: Cart and Checkout" entry on the Map and clicking on the Edit button, are used to define certain graphic settings for the pages generated to display the cart and the checkout process.

The commands in the Product Table Graphics section are used to define the appearance of the tables summarizing products that are available and/or placed in the cart:

Header Background / Header Text / Cell Background / Cell Text / Table Border / Row Border / Column Border: you can specify the color of the various elements in the product table.
Rounded Corners: you can specify the bevel for the corners of the product table, either for all four or singularly.
Alternate row color: you can apply two background colors to alternate between even and odd rows. One of the colors is that specified in the Cell Background option and the other is applied automatically as a shade darker. Using alternating colors may make tables easier to read, especially long tables.

You can use the commands in the Images section to add the images for the shopping cart pages:

Preview not Available: you can specify the image to be used when a particular product does not have a photograph associated with it (in Product Settings | Image).
Product Availability: you can specify the set of icons to use to indicate availability in the product descriptions (given in Product Settings | Availability).

The Options window contains the following item:

Purchasing Process Style: you can add a status bar to the top of the pages in the shopping cart that shows the customer which stage of the purchasing process he is at. You can choose the style of the status bar from the drop-down menu.


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