Commands in the Product List section

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Commands in the Product List section

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You can use the commands in this section to add products to the shopping cart, organizing them in categories.

All the products that have been added are listed in a table, in their categories. The table gives the Description and Price for each one.

In the Pro edition, the table also gives indications on the product Type ( physical or digital), Availability and the Discount, if there is one. If the Available quantity is enabled, the Availability column shows the icon for the Approximate quantity and also the following information, according to the settings given in the Product Settings | Availability window:

the exact number of the available products,
indications on the quantity of products to add to/remove from stock.

The icon that is shown is a useful warning message as it highlights products where stock is running low.

There is a Toolbar at the top of the Summary Table with the commands needed to create the product catalog, as well as a field to search in the products already added:

Cut [CTRL+X] - Copy [CTRL+C] - Paste [CTRL+V]

These commands cut, copy and paste the selected products. The same commands are also available from the popup menu which you can display by clicking the righthand mouse button on the product list.

Expand / Collapse

You can expand and collapse the selected category to view/hide the products in it.

Import Products

You can import the list of products to add to the shopping cart directly from an external file (in .TXT or .CSV format from Microsoft Excel).

Export Products

You can export the product catalog to a .TXT or .CSV file.


Temporarily remove the selected product from the catalog, so to isn't visible on the store. Just click again on the Hidden button to make a previously hidden Product back available on the store.

For more information on the Import Products/Export Products features, and on how to create and organize files in the product catalog, see

How to import/export Products in the Shopping Cart.

The following commands are also available for creating the list of products in the online shopping cart:

New Category: you can add a new category for the products. Categories don't have any particular settings: they are simply "containers" and are added directly to the table when they are created. You can double-click on a category in the table to rename it.

You can also create sub-categories. there are no limits to the number of categories and sub-categories you can add.

New Product: this command opens the Product Settings window where you can add a new product to the selected category.
Remove: you can delete the selected category and all the products in it, or you can select single products to delete.
Edit...: this command opens the Product Settings window where you can change the settings for the selected product.
Update: this command updates the available product quantity in the summary table, according to the orders handled via the online Control Panel. You can indicate how available products are to be counted with the Update available quantity on order dispatch option in the Options section.

You can move a product to a different category in the product list: select it and drag & drop it to another category. Use the CTRL and SHIFT keys to make multiple selections.

When you have added the categories and products to the e-commerce shopping cart, you can use the Product Catalog Object to create an online catalog.


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