Commands in the Sending order section

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Commands in the Sending order section

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You can use the commands in this section to define how data submitted to the online shopping cart order form is treated, and to write the text of the order confirmation and order dispatch notification e-mails that are sent automatically to customers.

You can specify how data submitted to order forms is to be saved and sent to the website Administrator in the Sending order. In the Evo edition, collected data can only be saved on the server, whereas with the Pro edition it is also possible to save the data in a database:

Send data by e-mail: is the default option. Data submitted through the forms is automatically sent via e-mail, using a PHP script.

Send data to a Database: the data submitted in the form is automatically sent to the specified MySQL database, using a PHP script.

The following parameters must be set for the various methods available:

Send data by e-mail:

E-mail Address for receiving Orders: specifies the e-mail address to which data submitted in the order forms is to be sent to. More than one e-mail address can be given: separate the e-mail addresses by a semi-colon (;).
Attach Order Data in CSV format: submitted data is saved in a .CSV file, added to the bottom of the e-mail. Data in .CSV files is in text format, as a list of items separated by a semi-colon (;): these files can be imported to spreadsheet programs (e.g.Microsoft Excel).

Send data to a Database:

Admin e-mail address: enter the recipient address of the e-mail notifying data reception. This address is also used as the sender of the order confirmation e-mail that goes to the customer.
Send an e-mail to notify the data has been received: a notification e-mail will be sent automatically when new data arrive.

If you aren't going to use the WebSite X5 Hosting, you will need to use the dedicated options available in the Server Settings window to configure the Database connected to the Project

If you choose to send data to a database, the orders from the shopping cart can be displayed and managed in the E-commerce section of the Control Panel. This Control Panel lets you enable push notifications for when orders are completed and when stock levels fall below the set minimum quantity.

For more information, see: How to manage orders and products with the online Control Panel

In the Notification email section, you can write the text of the e-mails that are sent automatically to customers when they order and buy products.

If you're working with Pro edition and choose the Send data to a Database option, you can choose when the order confirmation e-mail should be sent, as well as move on to designing the various e-mails that get sent during the purchasing process.

In particular, you can have the notification e-mail go out:

before the request for payment;
at the end of the purchasing process.

Depending on how the purchasing process is set up, the following e-mails may be sent:

the Order confirmation e-mail for a payment to be completed;
the Order confirmation e-mail with completed payment;
the order dispatch notification e-mail for physical products
the order dispatch notification e-mail for digital products.

You can specify both a Header Text and a Footer Text  for each of these e-mails

In addition to the introduction, the list of products purchased, and the conclusion, order confirmation e-mail for payments to be completed and shipping confirmations for physical products can also include information about the selected shipping and payment methods. E-mails for order dispatch notification of digital products, on the other hand, will also include the product's download link and any accompanying notes (indicated in the Product Settings | Digital product) window.


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