Incomedia WebSite X5: What it does

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Incomedia WebSite X5: What it does

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Incomedia WebSite X5 lets you create websites, e-commerce shopping carts, blogs, digital photo albums and interactive presentations easily and quickly. The projects are developed with a tree-like structure and organized in menus with various levels: there is no limit to the number of pages you can add.

Each page can have a different layout, and you can complete it with many different kinds of objects, such as text, images, tables, galleries, videos, audio, contact forms, comments and votes, maps, animation, product lists, titles, search fields and HTML objects, menus, plus dynamic contents in the Pro edition and whatever optional objects you choose to install.

WebSite X5 offers numerous interesting features for editing pictures, which means you won't need any other graphics programs. Pictures are automatically compressed when they are saved so you don't even have to worry about optimizing your photos before including them in a page. Moreover, thanks to MagicText, the artificial intelligence-based text generation assistant, even finding new ideas and writing texts couldn't be easier.

You can now create a complete and professional website with easy-to-use, tools: a huge number of graphic templates, an editor for creating buttons, plenty of possibilities for graphics customization, offering a choice of language to display your website in, password-access Members' Areas, blogs, RSS feeds and online stores with credit card facilities, to name but a few.

In addition to all this, you can work on your project, or on single pages, to make your website responsive, which means it can dynamically adapt itself according to the resolutions of the various devices it's displayed on, giving visitors the best possible navigation experience.

And, when you're ready, WebSite X5 it offers you a integrated Hosting service and a a built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) engine for publishing your website on the Internet so you don't need any external FTP programs. In the Pro edition, you also have the feature for analyzing finished projects and correcting any mistakes before publishing the website online.

Working with WebSite X5

WebSite X5 acts like a wizard, which means it behaves like a visual guide that takes you through each step of the way to creating a complete, functional and attractive website that you'll be proud of!

There are just 5 steps between your idea of the perfect website and having it published and visible on the Internet:

1. Settings

When you have opened the project to work on and chosen the template to use, you have to give some general information, such as the website's title and description, which are useful for search engine indexing. When you have done this, you can set up features like a blog, an e-commerce shopping cart, access management, website hit statistics and SEO optimization.

2. Template

Once you have decided on your project, WebSite X5 then helps you define the look of your website. You can choose from a library of over 100 default templates that is constantly being updated or, if you prefer, you can create your own template from scratch. You can use the built-in editor to customize both the header and footer as you like. Finally, if you want to make your website responsive, you can set breakpoints and work on the template so that the website can automatically adapt itself to resolutions that are lower than that of the desktop resolution.

3. Map

Starting from the Home page, with WebSite X5 you begin by defining the hierarchical structure of your website. You can include as many levels and sub-levels as you need, with an unlimited number of pages. Your navigation menu will be created automatically, on the basis of the website Map. You can change your Map at any time, if you want to make changes or update the website.

4. Pages

You can create pages and work on their layout by simply dragging and dropping objects onto them. The objects are: text, tables, images, animation, video and audio, galleries, forms for data submission and e-mails, comments and votes, the product catalog, Title, Search field, HTML code, menus, plus Dynamic Contents in the Pro edition. There are also lots of other Optional Objects available, which can easily be installed, if you think they are useful for your project. You can customize the imported objects and finish them off with links to both internal and external objects. With the built-in graphic editor, you can rotate, correct or apply filters, masks and frames to images that you have imported, without having to use any extra software. If you're creating a responsive website, it's easy to modify the page structure according to the breakpoints you set, so that the contents are always displayed as you want them to be in differing conditions and environments.

5. Export

WebSite X5 guides you through the process of publishing your website on the Internet: you can start an FTP session, where all the files that are necessary for giving your website Internet visibility are transferred to a server. WebSite X5 supports secure sessions and saves you time with simultaneous connections and intelligent publishing of only the files that have been changed. If you have the Pro edition, you can run a project page analysis before you publish your website online, to find and correct mistakes and to improve optimization. Moreover, WebSite X5 includes a tailor-made Hosting service for your websites: webspace, domain, e-mail etc. Everything you need is already there for you to go live right away. Before proceeding with the Website export, you can run an analysis of the Website itself (available only for the Pro edition) as well as optimize your Project. With the first option, you can improve your SEO, with the latter you can work on the Project file size by deleting from the Library the resources which aren't connected to the Project.

As well as publishing your website on the Internet, you can also export your project to another disk on your computer, or create a backup copy of the entire project.