Commands in the Frame section

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Commands in the Frame section

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You can use the commands in this section to apply a frame to the imported picture.

Frame: this command lists the frames you can apply to your picture. You can also apply your own frame: select the second preview from the list (Custom...) and import the graphic file you have prepared that contains the custom frame.
Settings: you can rotate the frame by 90°, 180° or 270° or flip it horizontally/vertically.

A frame must be a graphic file in .GIF, .PNG, .PSD or .WMF format, with a transparency setting: the frame is applied over the original picture so that only the parts that correspond to the transparent areas of the frame are visible.

The .GIF format can only handle one level of transparency, whereas the .PNG and .PSD formats can handle up to 256, so you should save your frames in one of these two formats.