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This window shows the tools and options for creating an RSS Feed, one of the most popular formats for broadcasting website contents.

An RSS Feed is a very versatile tool for sharing news, pictures and videos: it can be used for frequent news broadcasts, to publicize events or updates to the website, or to signal new posts and comments on a blog.

If visitors subscribe to the RSS Feed associated with the website, they will be kept up-to-date with all the news and will receive news directly on their news aggregator program.

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To create an RSS feed, you need to specify a few general parameters and create the list of news articles you want to broadcast.

The general parameters you need to define included in the General Settings section:

Title: (mandatory parameter) to give the title of the RSS feed associated with the website.
Image: you can specify an image (using a file in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format) to associate with the RSS feed: this image (typically a company or website logo) will be displayed by the news reader program.
Description: (mandatory parameter) to give a description of the RSS feed associated with the website.

Click on the  button you find in the Title and Description fields to open MagicText, the artificial intelligence-based text generation assistant. MagicText understands natural language: you only need to report the necessary information to define the type of text you want to be generated.

The Post List shows a table that summarizes the existing articles, giving their Title and the Date they were published. The commands for working on the Post list are:

Add...: this opens the Post Setting window where you can add a new post.
Remove: you can delete a post from the Post List.
Edit...: this opens the Post Setting window where you can edit the post selected from the Post List.

When you test your website, a message appears to remind you that RSS feeds will only be displayed when the website has been published on the Internet.


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