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RSS Feed | Post Setting

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The Post Setting window is opened by the Add... and Edit... commands in the RSS Feed window, and you can create or edit an RSS feed post.

In the Pro edition, this window is divided into two sections:

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The commands in the Contents section are:

Title: you can give the Post a title.
Publication Date: sets the date, taking it from an internal calendar, and time for publishing the post. All posts can be shown in a preview and published during the online export phase. However, the posts will only be visible to the public on the date and time that is indicated here.
Content: you can write your Post in an editor which is the same as the one for the Text Object.
Linked Page: you can specify the page to associate with the post in the website map.

Use the Publication Date option to prepare and publish posts beforehand, scheduling them so that they are displayed according to the date and time given for each one.

Click on the  button you find in the Content field and in the Content field of the Toolbar to open MagicText, the artificial intelligence-based text generation assistant. MagicText understands natural language: you only need to report the necessary information to define the type of text you want to be generated.

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In the Pro edition, you can add things like videos and slideshows to posts.


The commands for adding Audio/Video to a post are:

Audio/Video type: this specifies whether the video to add is a local file, a video that has already been published online or a video uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo. You must give the name of the offline folder where it is stored or the URL where it is published, depending on the type of video you choose to add. If you add videos from your computer or from the Internet (but not from YouTube/Vimeo), they can be either videos in .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPG or .MOV format, or audio files in .MP3, .WMA, .WAV, .MID, .AIF or .M4A format. The local audio/video files that you add are played/displayed in the post by the built-in player, whereas those online and videos from YouTube/Vimeo can be played through a link added at the bottom of the post.

The options for adding a SlideShow to the post are:

Image list: creates the list of pictures in the slideshow that has been added to the Post using the following commands:
Add... / Remove: these commands either add a new picture or delete the selected one.
Move up / Move down: these commands can change the order in which pictures are displayed, moving the selected picture up or down in the list.
Edit: this opens the selected picture in the built-in Image Editor so that it can be edited.
Maximum size: this defines the maximum width and height, in pixels, that the pictures in the slideshow can have. Leave the Keep Ratio selected to keep the ratio between width and height.


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