The Reveal effect window

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The Reveal effect window

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This window opens when you click on the button in the toolbar of the page layout table in the Page Creation window. You can use the commands in this window to specify how the objects in a page are to appear (see the Page Creation window).

The available effects are all created in CSS and supported by all the main browsers.

Use this option to choose the effect to apply:

Effect List: it displays a list of all the effects you can choose from. Select an effect to see a preview of it.

After you have selected the effect to apply to an object, you can define the following Options:

Display time: sets the time (in seconds) that the effect lasts for.
Repeat effect every [sec]: this is only available for the effects that require the object to be immediately visible: the effect will be repeated after the specified pause.
Enable Lazy Loading: this is only available for certain objects (for example the Image Object): the pictures are not loaded as soon as the page opens, but only when they actually have to be displayed. In this case, the pictures fade in.

You can use the Enable Lazy Loading option so that the pictures in a page are not loaded all at the same time, but only in the moment they have to be displayed: this means that the page opens more quickly and navigation is therefore faster.