The Backup Management window

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The Backup Management window

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You can use the commands in this window to organize the backup copies of your project. You reach this window by clicking on the Backup... button in Edit an existing Project.

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All the backup copies for the project you are working on are listed in the Backup List: if you want to identify them more clearly, you can rename them. They are listed in order of their date and time of creation.

The commands for creating and restoring backup copies are:

New Backup: this creates a new backup copy of the current project. A backup copy is generated automatically and added to the Backup List. You can rename it, so you can identify it more easily.
Redo: this restores the backup copy selected from the various copies in the Backup List.
Rename: you can rename the backup copy selected from the Backup List. You can also click twice on a name in the list to carry out this command.
Remove: this command removes the selected backup copy from the Backup List.

The following Options are also available:

Create a Backup Copy before restoring the Project: this automatically creates a backup copy of the project you are working on in its current state, before restoring a previously-generated backup copy.
Automatically remove backups after (days): this automatically deletes the oldest backup copies. If you use this option, you should also set the Minimum number of backup copies to keep to ensure that not all the backups are deleted.

Backup copies take up space. Use the automatic removal feature to delete old and unnecessary copies, to optimize your project and avoid delays in loading and opening your project.


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