Commands in the HTML Code section

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Commands in the HTML Code section

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In this section you have an editor for including the HTML code that you want to add to a page.

The editor in the HTML Code box includes the following commands:

Cut [CTRL+X] - Copy [CTRL+C] - Paste [CTRL+V]

These options cut, copy and paste the selected text.

Undo [CTRL+Z] - Redo

These commands undo/restore the last operation to be carried out/undone.

To help write/read the code, the HTML editor offers:

automatic numbering of the lines of code;
Syntax highlighting. Thanks to this feature, certain elements of the code are highlighted with different colors, without changing the meaning of the text in any way;

As you can imagine, the addition of these features not only makes it easier to read the code, but it also helps to make the structure of the code clearer and more legible, and therefore easier to pinpoint mistakes.