Commands in the List section

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Commands in the List section

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Use the commands in this section to define the list of fields that you want to appear in your e-mail forms.

All the existing fields are shown in the table, that gives this information for each one: Field Name, Field Type, Width, if it is Mandatory and Description. These parameters can be set when creating a field, in the Insert Field window.

As well as summarizing the salient points of each field, the table can also be used for working on them:

Double-click on a field to open the Insert Field window, where you can change any values previously entered;
Click a second time on a selected field to change its name (you can also do this by opening the Insert Field window and changing the text entered as a label;
Select a field and then use the button bar commands to make a copy, remove it, move it up or down or change its settings.

You can also check the layout of the fields in the form. A dotted line indicates how many rows there are in the field. If a field is on the same row as the previous field, the icon is displayed next to its width. If the width of all the fields in the same row exceeds the total width of the row, the icon signals this error. If you don't change the widths to correct the mistake, the fields that don't fit in the row will be displayed on the next row.

The commands for creating the list of fields in the form are shown next to the table:

Add...: this opens the Insert Field window, where you can add a new field to the form.
Duplicate: you can make a copy of the selected field.
Remove: you can remove the selected field from the form.
Move up / Move down: you can change the order of the fields, moving the selected one up or down in the list.
Edit...: this opens the Insert Field window, where you can change the settings for the selected field.

The Send and Reset buttons (for sending the compiled form and for deleting all the information added to the form) are added automatically by the program at the bottom of the form.


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