Commands in the Tooltip section

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Commands in the Tooltip section

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You can use the options in this section to add a description to the link. This description is used as the text for an explanatory note, called a "Tooltip" (or just "tip"). The tip is shown next to the mouse cursor when this moves over the link, and should explain what will happen if the visitor clicks on the link:  "you'll go to a new page", "you'll go to a new website", "a file will be downloaded", etc.

The commands in the General section for writing a Tooltip are:

Text: type in the description of the link.
Tooltip width: specify the width, in pixels, of the Tooltip.

The commands in the Image section are:

Image File: add a picture to be displayed in the Tooltip, or instead of the description.
Image width (%): specify the width of the picture as a percentage of the Tooltip's width.
Image Position: specify how the picture is to be aligned with the text in the Tooltip.

Text, Image File and Tooltip width vary for each link, so they have to be defined each time. Other graphic styles of the Tooltip are true for the whole project, and are defined in the Tooltip on mouse over window of Step 2 - Template Settings.