Presenting WebSite X5

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Presenting WebSite X5

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Create Responsive Websites, Online Shops and Blogs in 5 Steps

WebSite X5 is the ideal desktop software for creating the websites you've always wanted. You don't need to know anything about programming! This software gives you an intuitive and fully-visual interface to work with, and you can check your work as you go with the previews that are updated each time you take a look.

WebSite X5 guides you through each step of creating your website and publishing on the Internet. It's extremely easy to use, it's flexible and it offers you plenty of scope for your own personal customization.

WebSite X5 automatically generates page code in HTML5 + CSS 2.1 or 3 for the choices you make and the settings you define in each page, guaranteeing full compatibility with all browsers and mobile devices, as well as accurate search engine indexing.

This mix of simplicity and sophistication (in terms of the number and quality of features included) is the key to WebSite X5's success: it's simply the right software for everyone who wants a website!

Professional web tools

WebSite X5 is so easy to use that you'll have no problem incorporating sophisticated professional features in your website, such as:

Online stores with credit card facilities
Special offer and discount management
Blog, RSS Feeds, Comments and votes
A built-in search engine
Buttons and boxes for the Social apps
E-mail forms with anti-spam filters
Dynamic content that can be updated online
Responsive website creation
Website hit statistics
Database integration
Access management
Multi-language websites
Advanced tools for SEO and project analysis

An all-in-one solution

What's more, with WebSite X5 you'll save time and energy because it already includes everything you need to create a complete website:

Template editor
Artificial intelligence-based text generation assistant
Image editor
Menu generator
100 customizable templates
Millions of Premium and Free Images and Videos
Apps and graphics libraries
Built-in FTP engine

WebSite X5 Hosting

The WebSite X5 licence includes a tailor-made hosting service for you to upload the websites you create right away.

Each WebSite X5 edition has its own Hosting plan. The Hosting Evo includes 100 GB webspace and 1 mailbox. Hosting Pro one, on the other hand, includes 500 GB webspace, 5 mailboxes and database. Both include 1 automatic domain, namely * To use the mailboxes, you need a second level domain.

The hosting is already integrated in the software: you then don't need to do anything but activate the service on Step 5- Export with a single click.