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The MagicText window

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MagicText is the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant integrated into WebSite X5 Pro, starting from version 2023.2. With an active license of the software, you can use MagicText to write any kind of text you want to use on your website: titles, SEO titles, paragraphs, ideas and tags. You just need to report a descritpion for the text you need and MagicText will write the text for you.

Generally speaking, when you need to write a text in WebSite X5 which you may need the assistance of the Artificial Intelligence for, you will find the button to open MagicText. For instance, MagicText can be used to write titles, descriptions, contents, tags and SEO tags for the project General Information, the Blog, the RSS Feed, the Online Shop, the page properties, the Text and the Contact Form Objects.

The MagicText window is divided in 4 sections:

Disclaimer & Policy

The information provided in the Generation (text type, important elements) and Settings (tone, language) sections, together with the information derived from the document (for instance the project title) and from the section you open MagicText in (for instance, the field to report the title of a blog article) is used to write a prompt, i. e. the text input necessary for MagicText to generate a reply using natural language.

The more precise the prompt, the better will be the generated text. You will be able to keep the text as it is or edit it before using it in your projects.


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It's the main section reporting the commands to generate the text.

First, you need to report the kind of text you need. You can choose among:

Title - a short and catchy sentence that sums the main contents of the document up.
SEO Title - a short description of a page which, thanks to the provided keywords, can improve its ranking on Search Engines.
Paragraph - a longer and more complex text about the reported topic.
Idea - a list of 5 suggestions according to the information reported.
Tags - a list of labels you can use to highlight the most important topics of an article.

Depending on the section you open MagicText in, some of these options may not be available. For instance, if you want to use MagicText to provide the Website Title, the options  'Title', 'SEO Title' and 'Ideas' will be available, while 'Paragraph' and 'Tags' won't be active, because they can't be used in this case.

Once you decide the kind of text you want to create, you need to report in the relative field what you want to include in the text, such as base concepts and keywords.

After having reported these details, you need to click on the Create Text button: in a matter of seconds, the text will be generated.

Underneath the text, you can find the following commands:

Thumb up / Thumb down: to provide a feedback on the generated text.
Copy: copy the generated text in the Windows Clipboard Archive. In this way, the text can be pasted (CTRL+V) at any time.
Insert Text: paste the generated text in the field or text editor MagicText has been opened from.

You can of course edit the generated text. Alternatively, you can open MagicText again and ask it to create a new version of the same text.

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MagicText automatically writes in the language set for the website contents. You can however change the generation language as well as choose a different tone for the generated text using the options available in the Settings section.

As far as selecting the Tone is concerned, you can choose among:

Concise (e.g. "Websites are essential to communicate with the public and promote your business.")
Professional (e.g. "Websites are essential to communicate the value and quality of a business or product.")
Casual (e.g. "Websites are important to communicate with the world, show your identity and offer value.")
Funny (e.g. "A website is like a pizza: if it's not good, nobody wants it.")
Enthusiastic (e.g. "Websites are great for communicating your value and passion to the world!")

Use the available drop-down menu to select the right language.

MagicText will keep the selected tone and language until you decide to change them again.

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All the texts MagicText generates are available in the history: so you can resume them when needed.

The history reports all the texts you generate in chronological order, from the oldest to the newest. You can use the arrows to browse through them and find the right text. For each text, the context it was generated for is reported (page, blog article, online shop product, etc.) together with the Copy and Insert Text buttons.

The history is only saved locally on PC. It is active only for the current work session, so it is emptied each time WebSite X5 is restarted.

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This section reminds you that:

MagicText is an Artificial Intelligence-based service currently in Beta phase: therefore, it is advisable to check that the generated content is adequate before publishing it.
MagicText is based on the OpenAI models. We recommend that you read the Data Processing Policy and remind you that use of the service implies acceptance of the Terms of Use.
Content is automatically moderated by the system and requests may be blocked if deemed inappropriate.
The service may be temporarily unavailable due to the high number of simultaneous requests: in such cases, we recommend waiting and trying again at a later time.


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