The Level Properties window

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The Level Properties window

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The Level Properties window opens when you select a level from the website Map. Click on the Properties button  to view the options available for defining the properties of the various levels in the website Map.

In WebSite X5 the Map levels do not contain contents, unlike the pages: they are categories that are used for organizing the pages into logical groups and they provide clear indications for visitors to find their way around the website.

Click to expand/collapseReference: Level properties
Hide the Drop Down Menu for this Level: if you select this option, the dropdown menu for this level item is not displayed when the mouse passes over the level name.
Link to be executed on item click: if you select this option, the Link opens and you can create a link directly to the level item.

It may be useful to "hide the dropdown menu for this level" and define a "link to be executed on item click" when, for example, you want to create a link to an external site as a menu item, or if you want to replace a sub-menu that contains lots of items with a page created specifically to give access to the various sections.

Icon for the Menu item: you can select an image file (in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format) that will be displayed as the level's icon in the menu.


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