Options in the Graphic section

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Options in the Graphic section

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The options in this section affect some important design elements for the Page you're working on, allowing you to change them from how they are defined in the Model you selected (see, Template selection).

First of all, use the drop-down list to choose the Page element you wish to edit. You can edit the following:

Page Background: this is the area beyond the page that is displayed when the Browser window is extended past the dimensions of the Site resolution;
Page Content Background;

The options for the Page Background or for the Page Content Background, that you can work on if you tick Enable Custom Settings, are:

Color: indicates the color to use for the background.
Image File: indicates the image file (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG.) for the picture to use as the background.
Repeat: indicates whether the page background image is to be repeated, or not. It can be repeated horizontally, vertically or in both directions so that it occupies all the available space. The background image can also be resized so that it adapts to the available space.
Alignment: you can indicate how the page's background image is to be aligned.
Fixed Background: if you select this option, the page's background image is fixed, even when the page contents are scrolled.
Link: only available for the Page Background. Opens the Link window, where you can associate a link directly with the page's background.

Fo the Header and Footer, the only option available is:

Hide for this page: if activated, this prevents the Model's Header and/or Footer from being displayed on the Page.

Hiding the Header and Footer is useful if you choose the Full Height property for the Page's lines: this allows the Page to be displayed as a true sequence of cards (see the Row Formats | Full Height window).

Finally, you can define some general Options:

Icon for the Menu item: select the image file (in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format) for the icon that appears in the navigation menu, next to the page's title.
Create the Page without the Template: if you select this option, the parameters of the template (default or custom - see Template selection) will not be applied to this page: it will be a page with contents but no graphics and no navigation menu.
Page Width: this option is only available if you have selected the Create the Page without the Template option: it specifies the width of the page in pixels.