The Create a new Project window

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The Create a new Project window

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One of the keys to a successful website is an attractive appearance. First impressions count, and new visitors' opinions on your website will be largely influenced by its graphic layout, before they even start to look through the contents. A well thought-out and professional-looking design gives the impression of a good quality site that is worth looking at.

In WebSite X5, when opening a new project you'll have the option of choosing which Template to use. You have several options here:

1. You can use one of the 100 ready-to-use default templates that come installed with the program, or you can buy one from WebSite X5's Marketplace.
2. You can use an empty template skeleton to create a completely new template.

All the preset Templates have been carefully designed so that you can create attractive and professional websites. Every template is optimized for responsive website creation. Each Template is an actual, full mini-site that works perfectly and is complete with graphics, pages, and content. They also each have a live preview which you can navigate to explore  every detail. This way, you can choose the best template for your project quickly and easily. Once you've selected your Template, you can start customizing each element and import your own content, to quickly create a finished website that you can publish online.

Once you select the Tempate you would like to use, click on Next so start the creation of a new Website. The new Projet will be stored using the WebSite Title specified in the relative field on the Website Settings window. It will then be possible to save the Project with the Save sempre button available on the top part of the program window.

When saving the project it isn't necessary to report the path because the Projects are all automatically managed by the Program ans saved in the Projects folder reported on the Preferences window.

Click to expand/collapseReference: Select a Template

The Create a new Project window lets you browse the libraries of available templates and choose the one you want.

You can speed up your search for the right template by using the View filter, which has a number of options:

Highlighted: only the templates that are most frequently used, or have been recently released, are shown.  
For sale: only the templates that are for sale in  WebSite X5's Marketplace are shown.
Bought: only the templates that have been bought from WebSite X5's Marketplace are shown.
Empty: some basic template skeletons are shown, which can be used as a starting point for creating a new template.

You can also use filters for template categories: All the categories, Design, Business, Store Online, etc.

Finally, with the search field, you can search Templates by name.

All the Templates corresponding to the filter or the search criteria you set  are displayed using static preview images: you can sort them by category or alphabetically by their name.

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The 'Create a new Project' window

It is possible to select any preview image from the list and then click on the Preview button to open the Template Livepreview.

With the Livepreview you can browse the Template so to check both its graphic and functional aspects.

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With the buttons reported next to the title you can:

Resolutions Buttons: verify how the Pages are displayed on different devices and screens resolutions.

Back: go back to the Create a new Project window to select a new Template.

Start: create a new Project using the displayed Template. In this case, you can go to Step 1 - Settings, where you can start by defining some general parameters for the new Project.

All the options for customizing your Model are found in Step 2 - Template.

Click to expand/collapseReference: Buy new Templates

In order to provide you with more solutions, we regularly release new Template which cn be both free or paid.

Paid Templates can be easily identfied thaks to the specifi icons: you can buy them both on the Marketplace or dirictly within WebSite X5 by using the Credits.

When you select a paid Template you can use the following commands:

Marketplace: this one opens the Template Details page on the Marketplace, where you will find a description of the Template as well as the list of all the Optional Objects which have been used in it. From this page, you can either purchase the Template only or the Template together with the wished number of Optional Objects.

Preview: this one opens the Template Livepreview.

Start: if the Template hasn't been installed yet, you will be asked to possibly buy it. Alternatively, you can simply double-click the preview image.

Once you've purchased it, the Tempate will be used to create a new Project.

Click to expand/collapseNote: Template and Responsive Design

As already mentioned, all the default templates are optimized to support responsive website creation. This means that, if you decide to create a responsive website, some breakpoints are enabled automatically, according to the selected template: there is a ready-to-use version  of the template for each viewport determined by the breakpoints, in which the elements that are present are suitably re-arranged according to the available space. You can add/remove or change the existing breakpoints and modify the template structure and how objects are arranged in the header and footer for the various viewports.

It is important to remember that the template versions for the Desktop and intermediate viewports are set in pixels, whereas the Smartphone viewport is flexible so that it always occupies 100% of the available space.

You need to be connected to the Internet to:

Display previews of all the available templates.
Install a new template.


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