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Settings export/import

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All the settings defined for the Model in Step 2 can be saved so that you can also easily apply them to a different project later. The commands in this window therefore let you export the Model's settings into an .IWTPL file, or import a set of settings exported from another Model to be applied to your current Project.

The main commands are:

Export this Template settings: allows you to export settings from your current Model and save them in an .IWTPL file.
Import a new Template settings: allows you to import an .IWTPL file which contains a set of settings from another Model, and apply them to your current Project.

When you import settings from an other Model, you must specify which Breakpoints you want to keep by choosing one of the following options:

Replace the breakpoints with those of the selected template
Keep the breakpoints of the current template

Similarly, since there may be substantial differences between the imported Model and the current one, including in terms of the Header and Footer configuration, you must specify which Objects you want to keep in these sections. In this case, the options are:

Replace the objects with those of the selected template
Keep the objects of the current template
Add the objects of the selected template to those of the current template

.IWTPL files only save the images and settings relating to the design of the Model as specified in Step 2: the export phase does not save information about the content of the pages, for example.

To export a project, you have to use the commands in Step 5 - Export.


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