HTML5 Animation Object

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HTML5 Animation Object

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WebSite X5 lets you add all kinds of animation in HTML5 which has been created with the WebAnimator program (in .WAX5 format), from simple banners with text and images to more complex and interactive video clips.  HTML5 animations have the advantage of working correctly in all the modern browsers and on all devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones.

If you want to use the HTML5 Animation Object you must define:

Local File on PC: click on the button to browse through the available resources to find the .WAX5 file you want to import.

You can create perfect animated banners and gifs for your website with WebAnimator. Try it now, on

To make it easier to integrate WebAnimator animations in WebSite X5, the .WAX5 format has been introduced. You have to:

create an animation with WebAnimator
export the animation in.WAX5 format
use the resulting file to import it into WebSite X5.