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Gallery Object

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Digital cameras and online services make it extremely simple for anyone to publish and share entire photo collections on the Internet. You can publish your family photo album and share it with relatives and friends, wherever they are in the world. Or you can create albums and catalogs for your hobbies or work.

With WebSite X5 you can create incredible galleries to show not only your photos but also videos. Each gallery has different effects, navigation methods and displays: they may, for example, have a control bar or thumbnails, and how these are displayed may differ. All the galleries use JavaScript and exploit HTML5 and CSS3 for creating display effects.

Some of the available galleries offer thumbnails and a ShowBox window where the enlarged images of the thumbnails are displayed. The visitor only has to click on a thumbnail to open the picture or video in the ShowBox, which is superimposed over the page. Moving the mouse into the ShowBox window brings up the buttons for displaying the next/previous picture or video in the gallery, without having to return to the thumbnails.

You can customize the look of the ShowBox window with the options in Step 2 in the Pop-up window Showbox window.

The commands for creating a Gallery Object are in the following sections:


Galleries can be started by links in the pages: see Link for more information.

There are many other types of galleries and slideshows available for your pages among the optional objects (see Objects Management).


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