Commands in the List section

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Commands in the List section

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You can  use these commands to define the list of pictures and videos that are to be added to the gallery.

The window presents a large area where previews of all the Images and Videos already imported are displayed directly: this makes it easier to check the composition of the list.

A Toolbar provides all the commands needed to compose the list of files to be used in the Gallery and to define the properties of each of them. Specifically, the available buttons are:

Add... / Remove: add new files or remove selected ones from those already inserted. By clicking on the small triangle on the Add... button, then, a sub-menu can be displayed with the Add Image... and Add Video.... Through the File Selection window, both graphic files in .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, .BMP, .TIF, .DIB, .PCX, .RLE, .TGA, .WMF format and video files in .MP4 format can be imported.
Display small thumbnails / Display large thumbnails: set thumbnail size to 90x90 px or to 150x150 px.
Move to beginning / Move before / Move after / Move to end: act on the display order of files already inserted, moving the selected one. You can also act on the order by dragging the previews with the mouse and releasing them at the desired position.
Effect: open the Effect Properties  window through which you can set an entry, movement and zoom effect on the selected Image/Video.

If you are using a browser version that does not support HTML5 and CSS3, the HTML5 galleries will be displayed correctly but some of the display effects applied to images may not be handled. In such cases, the Fade effect is applied automatically.

Description: open a dialog box through which you can, first, type a Description text for the selected Image or Video. This Description text will appear at the bottom of the window in which the enlarged Image or Video will be displayed. In addition, you can add some useful parameters for SEO, namely Title and Alt Text.
Link:  open the Link window, hrough which you can set a link on the selected Image/Video, choosing the type of action as well as the relevant options. In the case of Galleries using Thumbnails, the link thus set replaces the one with the Enlarged Image even if the Display enlarged image on click in ShowBox option is active.
Edit...: this opens the built-in Image Editor where you can modify the picture selected from the Image filename list.

A small icon appears on the Image Previews that have an effect, link and/or description associated with them to indicate their presence.

By hovering the mouse over the Preview of an inserted Image or Video, a tip appears showing the name of the corresponding file. Instead, right-clicking on a Preview brings up a context menu through which you can: remove the file, open the file in the folder, proceed to save the file under a different name.