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Menu Object

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You can use the Menu object to add the navigation menu to your website.

The Menu object can be inserted in the template, using the editor in the Template Content window, or in a page, in Step 4 - Page Creation.

Menus are created and updated automatically by the program, according to the website's map that is set up in Step 3 - Map. The menu types are:

Main: this is the website's main navigation menu. The items correspond to those in the top level of the website map.
Level Menu: level menus are displayed when the mouse passes over an item in the main menu. They show the contents of the main menu's branches.
Hamburger Menu: this menu appears when the Hamburger button is clicked. The Hamburger button substitutes the menu and appears when there isn't enough space to display the whole menu.

The commands for defining the menu's appearance are organized in the following sections:

Level Menu
Hamburger Menu


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