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Portfolio Object

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With the Portfolio Object, you can add a gallery made of different cards on the page, so to present your own portfolio as well as a selection of objects, works or any other kind of elements. Cards are organized in categories and you can perform search using filters, dates and keywords.

In order to set up the Portfolio Object you need to create the list of elements it should report by organizing them in well-ordered categories and by defining for each a list of useful details: a title, an image, a description, the date, a text and a maximum of 2 links.

Every element you add is reported into a card where the selected image will be used as background, while the title and the date will be reported above it. On mouseover (or by tapping in case of mobile browsing), the card rotates and shows its back: here the other details will be reported. It is of course possible top customize all the graphic settings so to define the card style and behavior.

Finally, you can decide the search tools you want to provide to the visitors: you can display a bar reporting the category list, a free search field and/or sorting by data.

The available commands for the Portfolio Object are then listed in the following sections:



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