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Text Object

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Text is a very important element of the contents on an Internet website. As well as images, videos and animations, a lot of site contents are made up pure text.

Writing for the Internet isn't the same as writing for something that is going to be printed: the Internet has different characteristics, such as the support used for displaying text (the screen of a computer or mobile device), how the text is read (on a computer this is more of a quick scan than the concentrated reading of a book) and a potentially unlimited number of alternatives (think of how many sites deal with the same subject).

To attract the attention of visitors, entice them to read your website and persuade them that you have something more to offer, the text you write must be suited to online publication. What you write must be interesting and to the point. Divide the text into short sentences and paragraphs so that it is easier to read and less heavy to look at. Pay particular attention to the formatting you adopt: use bold, italics, titles and subtitles, etc. with care and coherency.

Visitors are more attracted to websites that have been carefully thought out: nothing is more likely to deter a visitor from returning to a website, or continuing its navigation, than text full of spelling mistakes, an unattractive layout, complicated reading, and so on.

After these brief, but important, considerations on Web Writing, WebSite X5 helps you write your texts using a built-in editor, and provides you with all the formatting commands you will need. Texts that have been created with other programs can be added with simple copy and paste operations. If you then need new ideas or some help, with the Pro edition of WebSite X5 you can rely on MagicText, the artificial intelligence-based text generation assistant. Using MagixText is really simple: it understands natural language, so you just have to describe the text you want to get. Of course, you can keep the text as it is generated or edit it after you add it in the editor.

What's more, WebSite X5 lets you create a text to be displayed in tabs: a practical and useful way of organizing information in small spaces such as web pages.

The commands for creating a text object are described in the following sections:

Content (this section, which is available in the Pro edition, corresponds to the editor in the Evo edition.)
Tabs Style

Instead of putting the title and text in the same Text Object, you can separate them and add the title using the specific Title Object object.

The main advantage of using the Title Object is that it simplifies heading tag management (from <h1> to <h6>), thus improving content structure and, consequently, page optimization.


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